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Why Cats Sneeze

An occasional sneeze in a cat is just like normal without a real cause for alarm and even don’t need to worry. Generally Sneezing in cats is a result of release of air through the mouth and nose. Sometimes, over excitement in cat for any interesting reason may cause the cat sneezing.

But if you see that the sneezing of cat won’t stop and other symptoms have cropped up together along with sneezing, then you may seriously need to consult your veterinarian that treatment is needed for pet.


Why my cat sneezing a lot?

cat sneezing

Reasons for Sneezing

If you find your cat sneezing a lot, your vet may initially find out the cause for that cat sneezing. The main cause of sneezing from all others is infection in cat. Usually sometimes, the veterinarian used to take a swab from the cat mouth, throat, eyes, or sometime specially nose and send it to a laboratory to know and confirm an infection really occurs or not. Generally Inhaled irritants or allergens are some of the common causes of sneezing in cats.


Viral, bacterial, or fungal infections. If you find that cat sneezing much more, there are many chances that the cat has an upper respiratory disease. Just like colds in people, usually these infection is occur in little cat, specially these disease is occur in pet they come from animal shelters. These infection is getting more serious if you become late to treatment so, could be prevented fast with early vaccinations.

Common Infection Causes of Sneezing

The most common infection cause sneezing in cats are:

  • ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Feline herpes virus. Usually cats gets herpes from other cats who are infected so it is also called that it is like Virus. Treatment is the only way to controlling the symptoms. Note! Feline herpes virus is NOT contagious to humans so don’t be frustrated.
  • Feline calicivirus. Actually this virus is seem to be highly occur in cats. In which mouth ulcers are one of the general problem that cats always face, it might damage the respiratory system and even bring about pneumonia.

Usually, when the cat get this infections may cause more chances to get other type of respiratory Issues that could exacerbate sneezing. I give you one example to understand clearly that if your cat getting herpes have more chances to get a secondary bacterial infection.

There are many other infections that may cause to sneezing. They include:

  • Bordetella
  • Feline infectious peritonitis, usually which might cause no symptoms, sometimes mild symptoms, or even more some different symptoms.
  • Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), develops gradually, but seriously they damage cat’s immune system, leaving the cat vulnerable to other various infections
  • Feline leukemia, Usually occur and slide deadly disease
  • Chlamydia, one another cause is that eye infection (conjunctivitis)
  • Mycoplasma

When to take a sneezing cat into the vet

99% sure chances, when the cat random sneezes, the most like way is that they got a little fluff their nose up, it is simple like us when I and sneeze. So, it is not a big deal.

In the meantime, there are a few best things that you try with your cat its help in poor sneezing cat breathe better, while the immune system sit at best place:

  • Keep your house Clean to minimize airborne irritants like dust or perfume, because it is bad to your cat when they have respiratory issue.
  • Another best tips is add moisture to the air, with a vaporizer, steam from a hot shower, or also use boiling kettle of water for vaporizer.
  • You can also use saline nose drops that’s help in thin mucus in the nasal passages and also help in relieve irritation that may cause sneezing its best to applying.

So, may you able to know when your cat sneezing a lot, what you need to do and how you better take care of your cat and may cat coughing reasons are some type of infections so don’t need to to much worry, they only require some care and if you find the sneezing is not stop, you need a pet doctor to find the main cause of sneezing of cat and here you find more.

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