What is Talking20?

Founded in 2012, Talking20 is a new direct-to-consumer data delivery service. We provide a simple at-home blood test kit by mail, and deliver results via an online data platform. While we do not provide diagnostic information, the results of our tests are highly accurate, allowing our clients to explore their health from the comfort of their own homes.

Who can order this?

Anyone. Talking20 is designed as a tool for wellness information for everyone in our communities. That is why we made it easy to use, cost effective and accessible to anyone.

Are more tests coming?

Yes! We are already thinking about the next wave of tests that we want to calibrate.

How much do the return envelopes cost?

Return envelopes containing our dried blood spot cards are standard size and will require one stamp if mailed within the United States. As we are sending packages around the world, we are currently leaving adding the stamp in your hands.  We welcome our customers to collect several cards and mail them in one envelope to save on shipping.

How do I collect the spots? How does the lancet work?

Your kit includes complete instructions. Using our blood test kit is simple and quick. Just press the 1mm lancet firmly against your finger until you feel a quick 'bee sting', exactly what diabetics experience several times a day when checking their blood sugar. Warm fingers are best for spots, so we recommend you warm your fingers under hot water before doing the test. We also suggest you collect spots from the outside tip of the fingers as there's great circulation there and you'll hardly notice the prick!

How many blood spots do I need to provide?  

Our T20 Spot Kit comes with detailed instructions and a card with room for 5 blood spots to be collected.  One spot can be enough to get your reading, but it is more accurate if we have multiple samples and can calculate an average from those.  When applying your blood drop to the card, try to get as big a drop as possible and fill the circle on the card.  It can take practice to figure out where on your finger you might have a good capillary bed to do this, or you might have to warm up your fingers if they are cold!

When will I get my results?

We will be testing and posting results in the order we receive the cards and we are slated to begin posting result profiles in late Spring, 2013. Once we are fully operational, we will strive to post your results within one week after receiving your card.

What do the Packs contain?

Each pack includes T20 Spot Card(s), alcohol swabs, bandaids, 2-3 lancets per card (in case you need more than one prick to get five spots), instructions and return envelopes. For Gold Card subscribers we will include 6 cards at a time. Once you have used up your cards we will send the next subscription fulfillment.

If I purchase a Gold Card Subscription, can I use the cards whenever I want?

Yes, you can use your Gold Cards on any schedule that you wish, so long as it falls within the two or three years of your subscription. We will start your subscription when the first data is sent to you.  As a Gold Card subscriber you will receive data for every test we offer as they become available.

If I get one of the Gold Packs, can I share my test cards with friends and family?

No, each card is linked to your profile. We can only process data for subscribers who have paid and created a profile. If you would like to test your friends and family they will need to purchase their own cards and create their own profiles.

Later on, when you offer dozens/hundreds/thousands of tests, will they still be on the same card?

Yes, we will analyze your blood and provide you with those results in exactly the same way.  There is no extra work on your part. If we make any improvements to our T20 Spot Cards, we will make those cards available free of charge to all subscribers.

Do you have a Privacy Statement, Consent Document & Terms of Service? Will I have an opportunity to sign them?

Yes, on our website we have our Privacy Statement, Consent Document and Terms of Service for you to review. At the moment, these documents are based on the same terms provided by 23andme, Inc. We are grateful for the pioneering work 23andme has done in this area of policy, and the hard work they have undertaken to make personal information available to the person it comes from. We hope to also contribute to this effort as it continues to develop. When you create your personal account on our website will have an opportunity to review and digitally sign these documents.