About Us

About Talking20

Talking20 is a biotechnology company driven to create an ecosystem of health awareness and discovery by offering low-cost biomarker testing directly to everyone.  

We have 20 different amino acids in our body. These amino acids encode incredible three dimensional proteins that make up all our structural parts and perform all our physiological processes. Proteins circulating in our blood stream are having a conversation that we haven't been listening to. We believe that we can provide a way to listen in on this conversation, hence the name Talking20.

Talking20 was founded in 2012 by a team of passionate young people in California who have traditional expertise (and credentials) but have also grown up in a new technological era. We believe that personal health data should be more accessible and that in the future health solutions will be discovered more quickly if we pay attention to that data.  We are working to promote the way that wellness techniques are explored and shared amongst us all.

Heather Heine, MD, PhD., is the Founder and CEO of Talking20. She was the first student to graduate from the joint University of British Columbia (UBC) BCIT B.Sc. Biotechnology program. She was also one of the two students annually accepted into UBC’s MD/PhD program. While in the program Heather co-founded the university’s first student-owned independent cafe, The Boulevard Coffee Roasting Co. Inc. Heather’s medical, academic, and entrepreneurial backgrounds have led her to found Talking20, Inc. in lieu of accepting medical residencies at Stanford and UCSF. She is dedicated to improving access to personal health data and leading the effort toward improved disease prevention and new discoveries in disease treatment and cure.